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511-Crystal Bracelets*5pcs gift Set-flash discount

511-Crystal Bracelets*5pcs gift Set-flash discount

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This is the prettiest crystal bracelets gift set for crystal lover! The types of crystals in the set are not fixed, and there are roughly the following types:
Ocean Chalcedony
Tianshan Blue Jade
Black Labradorite
Bule veins stone
Moss Agate
Africa Blood stone
Titanium emerald
Dragon pattern agate
Indian moss agate
Grey agate
Red Aventurine
Green Aventurine
Blue Aventurine
Red Turquoise
Dalmatian Jasper
Pink Chalcedony
White Agate
Red Agate
Green Agate
Red spot Agate
Golden Obsidian
Dream Agate
White Crazy Agate
Ruby Sapphire
Red wood Grain
Alashan rocks
Green line jade
Lushan Jade
Dream Amethyst
Lemon agate
and so on.

Each of the 5 crystal bracelets is a set(random combination) in the Tiktok live show

5pcs bracelets =1 set
Weight: 80-110gram/each set
beads size :8~9mm
Number of beads: 21~24pcs/each
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